You Are What You Eat... Or Are You?

Sometimes people ask me “So, What Are You?” when it comes to how I eat. It’s a question that I don’t like to answer, because I know the expected answer is to say “I’m a vegetarian” or “I eat Paleo” but the truth is much more complex than all that. Because I’m a human! (A hungry human!)

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Vanessa VellaComment
My Birthday Blog Post (Or "What I Learned In The Past 12 Months")

This is what I think: each birthday is a celebration of how much better I’m getting at life, since I’m always learning and growing. So it’s time to review the past year of my life, and what I learned throughout.  This past year was a big year for me - full of adventures, leaps (big and small) and a lot of excitement.

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On Falling Short and Not Getting "There"

You are winning when you keep it up even though you have no idea if it will ‘work’. When you keep it up when you’re not really sure what the outcome is. When you keep it up when you are willing to embrace the parts of yourself that you’d rather cut out and get rid of. Because those parts of you are part of the whole you, and you are amazing.

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