It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like F**k This!

We are well into December, and there are some telltale signs:

  • I’m just now writing this blog post that I intended to write before the start of the month

  • The sun sets at like 4pm and that’s a super bummer

  • People be stressin’

I really like to talk with people about how to get through these uniquely busy times. I say uniquely busy because perhaps you feel (as I do) that all your times are busy, so what’s new? (Agreed). The holidays are uniquely busy because they typically add a lot of extra social events, family members, hella shopping excursions and for many of us, a bit of travel, into the mix.

In fact, I like to talk about this so much that I’m putting on a webinar version of my “Have-a-Happier Holiday” Workshop on Wednesday December 12th @ 7pm EST. If you want to join, click here! I’ll be sharing 7 quick and easy tips for more cheer and less stress during the Holidays.

In the meantime, let’s talk DAILY HABITS!

What happens to our daily habits during uniquely busy times like these? Often, it’s a lot of exasperated “F**k this!” with our hands thrown up in the air, we resign to get ‘back on track’ in January.

I get this, because being a life coach does not make me immune (unfortunately…).

On the one hand, it’s hard to swim against a strong tide, so pass the Bailey’s (which now comes in a dairy free version hoorah!) and put your feet up and chill, girl! Holidays are for celebrating! Woot! There is something quite nice about just blowing things off, particularly when you do it with intention.

But also… when we completely let go of our great routines and awesome self-care habits that we worked so hard to get together (or are still in the habit of getting together) we feel the effects (and so do people around us, frankly).

So, what’s an overwhelmed, though still festive, busy bee to do?

I strongly encourage you to say f**k this… to black and white thinking. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing game.


First, ask yourself this question: WHICH 3 daily habits am I committed to keeping through the holidays?

My Big Three are: get enough sleep, do my morning meditation and get 10,000 steps every day (okay, 11,100 since that damn Carrot app keeps increasing my goal, but I’m a total sucker points so I’m going with it).

Everyone’s unique so think about yours. It could be to eat your veggies or drink enough water, to maintain an important boundary, or to ask for help and delegate to others. The most important thing is to choose three that will have a positive spillover onto other areas of your life.


Then, WHY did I choose those particular habits?

Well, I’m hella grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep, so that’s for me and a gift to my family (though they may not realize it). And I don’t want to get sick and feel crappy so making sure I’m resting will boost my immune system.

Missing my morning meditation also makes me grumpy. It makes my whole day better and so it’s something I want to keep up. Plus, I don’t want to spend January ‘re-animating’ this part of my routine. I know I’m going to have a lot going on so keeping this going will help me out now and in the future. Also, you already know, meditation = the best!

Walking puts me in a good mood, and my body feels the best (energized, mildly graceful, fit) when I hit my steps goal each day. Unsurprisngly, not walking enough makes me… well, grumpy (have you noticed a theme yet?!). Walking by myself is a great way to get ‘alone time’ without dissing other people (i.e. “I have to get away from you now for both our sakes” vs. “I’m going for a walk because of… exercise. Yeah, that. Okay bye!”) and helps me process the many thoughts of my monkey mind and figure out solutions to problems that are bugging me. Hey, if it’s good enough for Charles Darwin, it’s good enough for me. In a nutshell, I want to be in a good mood and I’m fairly certain that my family is into this as well.


Here’s the million dollar question: HOW will I keep those 3 very important, non-negotiable habits going, even as things get crazier?

Yep, this is the tricky part, but it’s important. This is no time for falling back into black and white thinking. In fact, it’s best to have a few different strategies for getting s**t done since days can be unpredictable.

I’m spending one week with my parents and one week with my partners family in two different places. So it will be very difficult to keep my usual strategies that work for me in my ‘regular’ life.

Here’s what I’ve got planned: For sleep, I’m going to sleep 8 hours and get up when I feel rested. That means if I go to bed late I’m going to let myself sleep in, and that if I’m really tired before other people go to bed that I’ll give myself permission to peace out and sleep early. Perhaps I’ll take naps, if I feel so inclined (According to my Mom, I declared I was done napping when I was two, and I haven’t deviated much since then).

Normally, I start my morning meditation at 5:30-6:30 am, and it’s an hour long. I have a feeling this is not going to be the case over the next few weeks. I’ve decided that I’ll do my meditation before noon and I’ll commit to a minimum of 30 minutes and aim to do an hour most days. This way I’m managing my expectations, being realistic and prioritizing keeping the habit going instead of doing it ‘perfectly.’

My steps come from walking and running, and usually I do a pretty steady job of walking through the day as I do my regular thang, and running 2-3 times per week. That’s not going to be the case, so I may have to think about doing one really long walk each day, or creating opportunities out of what’s happening, like walking around the mall while others are marathon shopping (definitely not my thang!).


So, WHICH daily habits are you committing to keeping going through the holidays? WHY did you choose them? And HOW will you get ‘er done?


Comment below, and let me know if I can help you out in any way! Maybe I will see you at the webinar on December 12th!

Here’s to having a Happier Holiday for YOU, and for everyone around you :)

P.S. This right here is my fave Christmas song. Enjoy!