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Let's Celebrate Our Secret Silly Superpowers, Shall We?

Not every superpower has to be ‘horse whisperer’ or ‘physics prodigy’. Some superpowers are just natural talents we have that are pretty silly and often remain secret because they seem too unimportant to acknowledge.

Why do we do that shit? We should fell good about recognizing our own strengths and special skills. But we have hella blind spots because humans.

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Five(+) Reflections On 13,693 Steps

I had a lot of reflections on my first day of doing this, a likely side effect of the extra thinking time. And so I will now share them with you in the hopes that you will immediately start walking 10,000 steps tomorrow. No wait… that’s not the point of sharing stories. Here it is: I will now share my reflections with you because I think they are applicable to all kinds of things, and I can tell you are a person who likes getting s**t done (we have so much in common!)

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