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Why Advice Is Not a Dirty Word

Yes, advice can be hella problematic. I’m sure we’ve all offered advice to a friend to have it come back and bite us in the butt. Like when you told your friend they should definitely breakup and then they end up engaged and you’re not invited to the wedding / open bar. Who hasn’t tried following someone’s advice because it seemed like such a good idea but then it just didn’t work at all in real life, leaving you frustrated and feeling like a disappointment to all involved?

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Five(+) Reflections On 13,693 Steps

I had a lot of reflections on my first day of doing this, a likely side effect of the extra thinking time. And so I will now share them with you in the hopes that you will immediately start walking 10,000 steps tomorrow. No wait… that’s not the point of sharing stories. Here it is: I will now share my reflections with you because I think they are applicable to all kinds of things, and I can tell you are a person who likes getting s**t done (we have so much in common!)

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