body bond!


The program to get you and your body to be bffs!


Hands up if you’re finally ready to feel comfortable, happy and free in your own body (ya know, where you live and stuff)!


*Sigh* The Frustration!

You get it. But you’re stuck.

You understand how important self-compassion, gratitude and body positivity are -  and you want to get there, but you still find yourself making nasty, judgmental comments about your body, or hating what you see when you look in the mirror.

You know you would never let someone else talk to you like that - but you can’t seem to break free. You’re stuck in a dumb negativity loop where you feel bad for feeling bad.

You try and make the time for exercise, but it always feels like you’re falling short. You feel guilty for not making a better effort, and you can also feel guilty when you do make it a priority, because life is pulling you in all kinds of different directions. Moving your body is so important for feeling good mentally and physically, so why is it so...dang...hard?

You know you should take the time to actually think about what you’re eating, and truly enjoy it buuuuut you’re always thinking about whether or not you ‘should’ be eating this, or whether you’re eating too many carbs or not enough protein. Or maybe you’re eating crazy fast so you can get to the next thing on your to do list. No wonder you can suddenly find yourself snacking on whatever, and not being able to stop.


Knowing that your mindset and these habits aren’t working for you isn’t the problem.


The hard part is actually switching gears, in a way that isn’t so dang harD, and that actually sticks.


The Bad News: Whatever you’re striving for, when you do it from the outside in, you will end up with the same ol’ mindset and habits that made you feel shitty before, and lo! - the cycle repeats *wah wah*


I know because I’ve done it myself. I spent a long time going in dumb circles and being hella annoyed with myself #JustSayNoToDumbCircles


The Good News: The time and energy you invest into forging a new, more positive relationship with your body is 100% worth it.  I know because I’m right there with you (okay I’m a bit farther ahead… after all I’ve been at this for years). And I’m still going. (It’s a process!) But going through that process intelligently makes all the difference.


I believe that learning to love your body is an inside job.

I’m all for accepting yourself the way you look right now (literally right now, at this very moment!), and I think it’s A-OK to want to change the way you look, too (as long as that’s what YOU want).


Ready to switch gears?

Of course you are?

But HOW!?


In the Body Bond program I’ll be teaching you specific tools that will help you start to change the way you think about, feel about, and treat your body.

The three pillars we will focus on are body awareness, self love and movement.

We’ll take the time to customize every step to your actual, real life, so it works for YOU. We’ll adjust along the way so you always hit that sweet spot of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, while being able to rise up and get ‘er done.

You can grow into a person that feels super good in your own skin, takes good loving care of themselves and keeps moving - literally, and figuratively.


Happy Endings (a.k.a. Results):

  • Build a compassionate and positive mindset about your own body so that you can kick that negative self talk habit for good.

  • Finally feel comfortable in  your own skin so that you can feel more confident.

  • Develop an appreciation for your body’s magical powers so that you can be grateful for just how awesome your body really is.

  • Nurture a positive and healthy relationship with food so that you can fuel your body and enjoy eating.

  • Start developing mindful eating habits so that you can savour and truly enjoy the food you eat.

  • Get (and stay) motivated to exercise and move your body on the regular so that you can keep your body healthy

  • Create a new way of approaching how you take care of your body, your health and yourself in general.

  • Build a strong foundation so that you can keep a positive momentum going in your life even when *sniff* we aren’t hanging out anymore (but don’t worry we’ll stay in touch!)


Just the Facts, Y’all:

  • 16 weeks from start to finish

  • 8 one-on-one, individualized coaching sessions, every two weeks

  • 8 self study adventures (i.e. homework assignments… but so much better than that!)

  • Virtual support via email between sessions

  • A Google drive folder with all the notes, resources and other useful stuff from our coaching sessions

Investment: $1200, or 4 payments of $325

  • BONUS #1: Initial Strategy Session (getting to know you, Q&A and strategizing) {Value: $59}
  • BONUS #2: Follow Up Session {Value: $200}

  • BONUS #3: Full Spectrum Workbook (self-reflection tool) {Value: $29}


So… are YOU ready to:

  • Stop pressuring yourself into thinking happy thoughts about your body?

  • Stop forcing yourself to exercise when you haaaaate it?

  • Stop flip flopping between hyper-focusing on food and completely checking out?

  • Stop being a s**thead to your body, and start treating it like it's your only permanent home (cause it is!)?

  • And start learning a new, more positive way of relating to your body, to the way you eat and to exercise?


Book your free strategy session here to take the first step on your Body Bond journey!