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Our lives are hella busy these days. That means taking care of yourself consistently and successfully, even on a very basic level, can feel stupid hard.

There IS an easier way!

If you’ve been feeling like it’s a huge struggle to keep up daily healthy habits like exercise, meditation, sleeping habits, and feeding and watering yourself, you’re not alone.

Starting up isn’t the biggest problem for most people - it’s being able to hang on and keep it up through life’s ups and downs.

Who wants to keep starting up again and again every few months? That's a good way to get nowhere fast!

I created this program because I revisit these basic day-to-day healthy habits with every single client I work with, no matter what their individual goals are.

Start with Choices.Choose to make changes. Choose to get support. Choose to have a plan. Choose to get s**t done instead of trying, hoping and wishing. 2. Take Action. Repeat. Goals get too much credit these days. A .png
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Taking the time to build a solid foundation of these daily habits makes everything that comes after a hell of a lot more effective and easier in the long run!


“I was feeling lost with all the noise that surrounds healthy habits. I wanted to understand what was right for me. Vanessa helped establish specifics, as well as determine big picture goals.

In the past, I’d try to change too much at once and it just didn't work. Now I've been able to implement new habits after each of my sessions, and on my own, using the strategies vanessa taught me. 

This has had IMMEDIATE results! I have had no cravings for my typical go-to foods after changing a few things about my eating habits. And my energy levels and focus have gone through the roof. I'm exercising more - not because I'm forcing myself to but because I want to. I'm sleeping better and waking earlier and more alert.

Most importantly, I feel more confident in all areas of my life. Thank you! This has really been an extraordinary turnaround!”

-Paul Dore


So, what the heck  do I get with this program, anyway?


Small Batch Coaching: You'll be one of a handful of clients in this program so you’ll have my undivided attention throughout the whole program.

Intake Form: Before we get started I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions, so we don’t waste any time honing in on exactly what needs doing!

Private, Individualized Coaching Sessions: You’ll be getting 6 private one-hour coaching sessions over 14 weeks. We’ll pre-book the sessions so you’ve got a structure to work within and everything is nice and organized from the start! As we move through the program, everything will be individualized to your lifestyle, personality and preferences!

During Sessions: We’ll talk about what’s been happening, and mastermind what needs to happen next, so that you feel you’re always progressing in a clear and focused way - no more feeling out of control and totally random!

Self Directed Work (a.k.a. When the Magic Happens): You’ll leave each session with a clear idea of where to focus your energy, as well as tips and tools to get it done efficiently! Between our coaching sessions is when you’ll implement your action steps and integrate your learning to get those results!

Resource File: You’ll get your very own Google Drive folder where I’ll provide you with a summary of every coaching session, and additional resources to help you through your coaching package, and beyond, into the future!

Results! You'll get tons of results from this program, and it will change your lifestyle (and therefore probably your life. Just sayin'!)

  • Kick the habit of cycling through good times, and starting over (and over and over…) and finally set up consistent daily healthy habits that make your live better and easier.

  • Feel way less overwhelmed as you discover easy ways to keep up your good habits.

  • Gain confidence from a steady streak of wins so that you know you can get through any obstacles or challenges that come your way.

  • Funnel that new confidence into other goals and habits that contribute to your happiness and health. You can write a book! (It could be about anything, like how great CAH! was for you. Or something else, maybe. Just spitballin' ideas!)

Ongoing Support: Once you do a coaching package with me, I’ll always be there for you, just an email away. I’ll be following up between sessions and when your package is done, and you can always reach out for anything you need - a virtual high five, a pep talk or a new idea.

Bonus! You’ll get a free Full Spectrum workbook, which you can use to keep building your self awareness, and start cultivating more healthy and positive attitudes and habits in other areas of your life!


got questions?

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