frequently asked questions

(and answers too!)


What if it CAH! doesn’t work for me?

I’ve tried lots of different things that haven’t worked before.

I don’t want to end up disappointed and frustrated again!

BLARGH! etc!

I hear ya! Feeling doubt about whether this is the right choice tells me that you are a thoughtful person, who realistically weighs the pros and cons before making a decision. Good for you! Hooray for doubt!

This might sounds like a backwards thing to say, but already knowing what doesn’t work for you is super valuable - because it leads you closer to what does work. What was it about your other efforts that didn't work? 

Maybe it wasn’t the right timing, or the approach wasn’t a good fit with your goals or personality. Sometimes people can get really excited to try something that worked for a friend or someone they know, assuming it will also work for them.

If the reason it didn’t work out was because you weren’t able to fully commit and apply yourself, that’s something to really think about. Will you able to commit yourself fully to this? I do everything I can to keep people on track, but it's definitely a team effort - and the magic happens when you and I work together equally to create an awesome ass kicking team.

At the end of the day, you’ll never be 100% certain that anything is going to definitely ‘work’. I want to help you make sure you’re as certain as you can possibly be - but waiting until all the uncertainty is gone (with anything) probably means waiting forever (and boo to that!).

I’m not sure if this program is exactly the right fit for me.

How can I know for sure?

I believe in taking the time to make sure we’re a good fit before we start, so I love this question! CAH! is definitely not for everyone.

This is super not for you if:

  • You’re struggling with your healthy habits because of other more serious challenges like chronic stress, mental health issues or other heavy duty emotional ‘stuff’. I definitely do coach people with those types of challenges, so we can talk about a customized coaching package for you, but CAH! isn’t going to be the best option at this time.


  • You’re not feeling very motivated in general, or are pretty sure you don’t have it in you to follow through with making these changes with a lot of accountability. There’s loads of accountability up in here, but a lot of the work will be done on your own, between sessions, with me cheering you on from the sidelines / internet.


  • You’re not into trying new things, you’re not willing to experiment (and occasionally stumble) in order to learn, and / or you don’t believe you have the ability to follow through. The whole process is about experimenting and trying new things and being receptive to new ideas and directions. Being at least on a “I think I can do it” level is important for this type of work.


  • You’re a total workaholic and work life balance is something that feels as imaginary as unicorns. Here’s the thing: you’ll need some time for this. I promise I can do a lot with a little time… but we’ll need at least a little of it.

If you’re feeling bummed that CAH! isn’t going to cut it for you right now and you’re still interested in coaching (smart choice, by the way!), we can figure out what will work for you in a Free 30 minute Strategy Session

This is too expensive for me. Is there a cheaper option?

Well, yes, there is a much cheaper option: You CAN do all this stuff on your own, for free(ish). But there is still substantial cost to doing it DIY style: your time and energy.

It takes longer to learn everything you need to know and then integrate it and apply it to your life (I know what I’m talking about because I've done it myself!). You’ll need patience to experiment with finding what works for you, and the motivation to stick it out, long-term. If you need to power up your daily healthy habits NOW, then CAH! is for you.

I can honestly say I’ve never regretted the time, money or energy I’ve invested into working on my own health and happiness. Whether it was personal training or massage therapy or psychotherapy or coaching, each investment helped me learn more about myself and brought me closer to living my best life (it's cheesy but it's TRUE!).


I can also say that it’s been hard at times to make the financial commitment to my personal growth. And if I’m being perfectly honest (which I am!) it’s been easier to tell myself I couldn't afford something when I was really just unsure or too scared of not following through and getting results. 

So if you know that it’s not all about the cost for you, let’s talk. You can book your Free 30 Minute Strategy Session, and we’ll talk about what freaks you out and see if we can make it better, or choose a different direction for you :)

If you’re super bummed about the cost because it’s literally the only thing holding you back, then keep in touch and stay tuned for more DIY offerings coming up in the near future :)

How much time will I need to do this thing?

i got a lotta stuff going on!

Samesies! I also appreciate knowing exactly what is up when I start something, so here are the deets:

  • Week Zero (a.k.a. Before we start): CAH! Intake Form and 30 Minute Planning Session

  • Week One: Coaching Session #1 + self directed work

  • Week Two: Coaching Session #2 + self directed work

  • Week Three: Coaching Session #3 + self directed work

  • Week Four: Application Week + Email Support

  • Week Five: Application Week + Email Support

  • Week Six: Coaching Session #4 + self directed work

  • Week Seven: Application Week + Email Support

  • Week Eight: Coaching Session #5 + self directed work

  • Week Nine: Application Week + Email Support

  • Week Ten: Coaching Session #6 + self directed work

  • Week Eleven: Application Week + Email Support

  • Week Twelve: Coaching Session #7 + self directed work

  • Week Thirteen to Week Forever ;) Maintenance, Re-calibration and Consistency!

The self directed work will take about an average of one hour per day, or 7 hours per week. It is likely that you’ll be organizing yourself to set aside a bit more time on a couple days of the week, and less time on the others. But we’ll have to wait and see what makes the most sense for YOU!

If you are busy and feel short on time, doing this work will save you time in the end. Being stuck in a pattern of reacting and putting out fires costs you more time and a hell of a lot more energy in the end. When you can live on a solid foundation of day to day habits that support your health and happiness, it’s easier to get through the frenetic pace of life and deal with the time pressures without feeling crazy.


What if I can’t make a coaching session on the week it’s scheduled?

Of course things come up in life. I admire, and fear, the universe’s ability to throw wrenches in alllll my plans.


The way this program is designed is to be fast, furious, and fun right from the outset to get a good momentum going.

We will have a bit of wiggle room… but only a bit. The more you can stick to the schedule, the more value you’ll get out of the program. And I want you to get the ALL the value.

If you need to reschedule, I’ll do my best to get your session in  as close to the original appointment as possible, but I can’t promise that we’ll be able to reschedule within the same week (because of not being psychic... yet).

Can I extend the end of the program if needed?


Fourteen weeks is the ideal, it if it takes a couple extra weeks, it’s all good!

In fact, you’ll have 6 months to complete the program from the date of purchase to use up your coaching sessions - just in case :)

If your needs change along the way, we’ll pivot and come up with a plan that keeps this experience valuable for you.

What if I need more coaching sessions?


If you feel you need an extra coaching sessions or decide you want to maintain coaching at once per week throughout the program, you can add 1-6 sessions to your package for the special just-for-you $99 each.

That special rate will be available to you for 6 months from your initial investment date.That way if you need a pick me up a one or two after we’re done, you’re all set :)

if i take cah! as a  Beta client, will i be getting a less awesome experience?

Absolutely not!

Since this is a new package I know there will be some bumps in the road that I haven’t anticipated. I’m a good planner but I’m not psychic (not yet, anyway).

Aside from those logistic details, this is exactly the type of coaching that is in my wheelhouse. I always circle back around to daily healthy habits when I coach people, so I think it’s best to just start off that way.

I have over 12 years of experience helping people figure out exactly how to implement those important foundational habits. So the coaching part will be 100%. Logistically, I’m aiming for 100% but I need some real life clients to help me get there.

What’s in that fine print of yours Vanessa?

I’m glad you asked because I’m all about transparency!

As a rule, there will be no refunds. I believe in taking the time to make sure we’re a good fit before I let you give me money. I think that my process is robust and can be trusted.


You’ll have 6 months to use the coaching sessions from the date of purchase. If you aren’t able or interested in completing the sessions in that timeframe, then you’ll forfeit those sessions.


As far as your Google Drive folder of notes and resources - you’ll have access to that forever… or as long as Google exists (which I think we all assume will be forever, but ya never know!).


I can’t reiterate enough that what you get out of coaching depends so much on what you put into it in terms of willingness to try new things, openness to talk about big things, and investing the time you need to do the coaching sessions and the self guided application work.

I need you to make a promise to yourself that if you are not happy, you’re frustrated or you’re confused, please let me know. Send an email, video message, carrier pigeon or tell me in a session. I promise to listen fully, consider your point of view and do my best to make sure you are satisfied.