1:1 Coaching

If you like to completely do you own thing, this is the option for you. 1:1 Coaching sessions are less structured - you're driving the RV yourself and I'm that super helpful passenger assisting you along the way, by navigating and reminding you to stop for water breaks and to get gas (metaphorically speaking)

In our sessions, we will: 

  • Debrief what's been happening in your world
  • Figure out what you want to talk about and achieve in your coaching session today
  • Discuss and debate, brainstorm ideas, think deeply and talk bigly about all the important and relevant things going on in your life
  • Wrap up by clarifying the actions steps you'll take on your own between sessions



3 x 60 minute sessions, with session notes and follow up: $400

1 90 minute session, with session notes and follow up: $200

to get started, book a free strategy session and we'll go from there!


shoot me a message for more information!

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