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No-Eye Contact Text Coaching

Life Coaching meets pen-pals meets journaling ...

Enjoy all the benefits of Life Coaching through the power of the written word, without any distraction or pressure from a 'face to face' interaction ! This is a great alternative to traditional Life Coaching Sessions for those who feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing will benefit from having time to think and reflect on their own

Freedom & Flexibility

1:1 coaching
3 text sessions
6-12 weeks (1.5-3 months)
$275 tax incl.


Text Life Coaching is an option for people who: 

  • Enjoy journaling or writing generally and are drawn to expressing themselves in writing;

  • Appreciate lots of freedom and flexibility;

  • Are able to take the initiative in making change and are capable of keeping themselves on track with the schedule;

  • Feel confident in their ability to describe their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences accurately in writing;

  • Flourish with lots of time to think and reflect on questions or ideas;

  • Find 'face to face' appointments difficult for any reason whatsoever;

  • Are open to and excited about completing ’homework’ assignments consisting of reading, writing and/or doing other activities in a self-directed way

Here's how it works: 

We start with an Intake Form. You read the questions, give them a good think, then reply with detailed answers and reflections on your experiences.


Then we will set up our first session and meet up on your preferred texting platform, like What's App or Messenger. We'll start with some follow up questions based on your responses and have a full coaching conversation by text! Just like life coaching sessions, we'll spend about 45-60 minutes together. When we wrap up, you'll have a couple ideas to explore on your own between our sessions. These could be activities to try, or tools to learn, or resources to use. 


Then we repeat that process again and again until we complete your sessions.

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