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Free as Bird

No fees to be found


Let's get started!

No matter which package or service you're interested in, we'll start with a Strategy Session. This free half-hour session lets us get to know one another a bit better. When you click the button below, you'll be taken to a registration page. There, you'll be asked a few questions that will help me get the ball rolling during our chat.

You can pick a time that works for you, and we'll meet on Zoom. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time!

*currently on hold* GET (SH)IT DONE CLUB

Make Monday Awesome by Strategizing with a Group of Nice, Like Minded People About How to Get Shit Done!

This club operates on the principles that: 

  1.  being a hard ass to yourself is not efficient and being nice is much better

  2. trying to do all the things at once is very effective… at making your brain cry and focusing on one priority at a time is much better

  3. figuring your shit out by yourself is okay and accountability buddies are much better

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