It's time to stop being a S**thead to yourself and start treating yourself like someone you Love!


I’m Vanessa Vella and I’m a Mind Body Coach.

I’m a strong believer that changing from the inside out needs to start with self knowledge and body awareness.

I can get you out of your head and back into your body (ya know, where you live and stuff!)


I know what it’s like to try so hard to change from the outside in, (over)thinking about that awesome future time when it will all ‘click’ and you’ll look and feel amazing.

I think advice like ‘do what works for you’ and ‘listen to your body’ are great ideas, until you start thinking about actually doing it... then it gets a little dicey. What does work for YOU? (Winning the lottery? Naps? Chocolate??) and what the hell IS your body saying, anyway? (right now, probably something like, ‘These are great ideas, tell me more!’).


Hey you! (yes YOU!)

Are you stuck in a forever cycle of ‘self improvement’ that never really gets you anything except frustrated?

  • You’ve tried SO many different ways to make healthy and positive changes in your life… but haven’t found anything that works exactly right for you.

  • You know you can get yourself to start meditating, or exercising more, or eating better and that a little good comes from each one… but nothing seems to stick around for very long or be the game changer you’re looking for.
  • You’re tired of being stuck in all or nothing mode, swinging back and forth between extremes and constantly feeling like you’re getting started.

  • You know it’s time to cut the crap and really get below the surface to really help you feel better about yourself in a life changing way.

The problem is: when you’re a big ball of negativity, perfectionism, and worry while you’re doing all that positive stuff, you’re not only working harder than you need to, you’re working against yourself. (And, no offence, but that is dumb!)


You CAN get out of the rut of overthinking and self criticism that has you agonizing over every setback.

You CAN learn to actually listen to your body, be positive (in a way that isn’t cheesy or annoying), feel confident and in control (and oh-SO-motivated!).


When you finally stop being a shithead to yourself, life becomes easier and better!

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