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Flip It!

Flip the script on what it means to ‘be your best self’

Most of us have a linear idea of progressing steadily up the mountain of life: you work at improving yourself and voila! you’ve arrived at a new level of awesomeness! But reality is often much different; you already know that - just look at your past experiences! That means it’s time to flip it —flip the script, flip your mindset, flip your approach to change!

The back and forth reality of making progress in life can start to make you feel crazy. You might find asking yourself totally legitimate but unanswerable questions like “How am I going to start this big new project when I am mired in an unwinnable conflict with my alarm clock every morning?” or “Should I be more focused on sleeping well and having a meditation routine or finally trying to write that book I’ve been dreaming of?” or “How the hell am I supposed to ‘be my best self’ when I have so many responsibilities to take care of?”

You can find a way to keep yourself alive, keep yourself connected to your people and keep yourself engaged with your goals and dreams. Let’s flip the script on what it means to ‘progress’ and ‘succeed’ and ‘do the work.’ This experience is all about finding right strategies for YOU to facilitate your personal growth, evolution, and achievements, all while you stay on top of the important day to day work of staying alive and staying sane. It’s about writing your own story of change and growth (and who knows, maybe that story will be in your memoir someday!)

ACE living life to the fullest

Intensive 6-Month Mentorship
$2,400 tax incl.


Are you . . . 

  • serious about making real and lasting change in your life?

  • ready to dive in and accelerate your growth and evolution?

  • willing to put in energy and effort?

  • wanting regular, ongoing support with lots of touchpoints?

  • looking for big talk, deep dives, and having-it-all?

  • lacking self care, solid relationships, hobbies and projects?

  • working on a dream project you never seem to have the time to start, continue, or finish?


*There are only 3 spaces available at any given time for this package to ensure each client gets all of the interaction and support they need throughout the 6 month package period* 

Then this is for you!

The ACE System

Staying Alive
Self-Care, Healthy Habits, and Routines

​Staying Connected
Love, Relationships, and Sexuality

Staying Engaged
Strengths, Passions, and Purpose
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