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Hi! I'Vanessa

I'm a Life Coach!


I'm really excited you stopped by!

I see you out there (figuratively speaking… I am not a spy)! You’re living your busy life and doing all the things, with hardly any breathing room to figure out what you really want (or need) to live the awesome life you deserve.

I’ll help you feel amazing by being yourself and taking excellent care of yourself. Then, you'll become so accustomed to feeling awesome that you'll barely be able to remember what it’s like to feel just "okay/fine/whatever!" You can also annoy the crap out of others because of how happy you are —oh! and... make the world a better place by sprinkling good energy everywhere you go!

If you’re ready to level up from "okay/fine/whatever!"

(you’re so motivated! I love it!) then go ahead and book your


If you’d like to learn more about me because you think I’m cool (shucks, I’m flattered!) or you want to make sure I’m not totally incompetent (smart move, the internet is full of scammers!) then take your eyeballs over here.

If you’d like to learn more about the details of working with me

(Smart! Responsible!) jump in OVER HERE

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