Vanessa Vella

It's time to stop being a S**thead to yourself and start loving yourself!

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I'm Vanessa, and I'm a Mind-Body Coach.



I’m a strong believer that changing from the inside out needs to start with self knowledge and body awareness.


I know what it’s like to try so hard to change from the outside in, (over)thinking about that awesome future time when it will all ‘click’ and you’ll look and feel amazing.

I think advice like ‘do what works for you’ and ‘listen to your body’ are great ideas, until you start thinking about actually doing it... then it gets a little dicey. What does work for YOU? (Winning the lottery? Naps? Chocolate??) and what the hell IS your body saying, anyway? (right now, probably something like, ‘These are great ideas, tell me more!’).


I can get you out of your head and back into your body

(ya know, where you live and stuff!)


“I love that Vanessa stepped right into my world to see things through my eyes.

She showed genuine interest in my life and asked a lot of questions to make sure she understood the problem.

Then, she talked me through what she saw happening that was keeping me stuck, and gave me the tangible solutions and techniques I needed to finally move forward.”

-Ashley Chymiy