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Stop Being Shithead

Finally get your self-care shit together!

It’s time to stop being a shithead to yourself and start prioritizing your own self care! We’ll start by taking stock of your current reality and your wants and needs, then make a plan together and keep testing and refining it, while we work on the behind the scenes ‘stuff’ (i.e. your mindset and motivation). You’ll ‘graduate’ with a solid foundation in self-care kick-ass-ery and thrive instead of just being alive. When you have your self-care shit together, the sky’s the limit! 

We’ll start with a Discovery and Planning Session to answer the age-old question “So, what’s your deal?” This way we can tailor everything we do to your personality, preferences, and real life circumstances. After that, we’ll have a coaching session every two weeks, during which we will create an awesome action plan together that will have you prioritizing self-care like nobody’s business. First, we will focus on implementing new habits, and as we go along we’ll start focusing more on troubleshooting and tweaking as needed to help you become the self-care machine you need to be for yourself. We’ll also delve into things like contingency planning (for when shit goes sideways!) and thinking proactively for more future success (making it easier to keep your shit together!). Our last session will be up to 90 minutes long with two main areas of focus: making sure you’re ready to keep on keepin’ on when your package is complete, and a good ol’ time picking Vanessa’s brain (ask me anything)!

Self-Care Boot Camp

1:1 coaching
6.5hrs • 6 sessions
12 weeks (3 months)
$750 tax incl.

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